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Cobra Woman

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  Cobra Woman Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
Average Rating
4.00 /10
Maria Montez , Jon Hall, Sabu
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Directed by: Robert Siodmak
Written by: Richard Brooks, Gene Lewis

Released: 1944
Origin: US
Length: 71

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"Elaborately and colorfully mounted for maximum eye-appeal... Montez is decidedly shapely."
"Camp classic."
(Pauline Kael)
"Just watch Maria do her suggestive dance with a live cobra!"
"Easily the most spectacularly ridiculous, outrageously escapist yarn ever to emerge from Hollywood. If you're looking for glamour - irridescent, bewitching, fascinating - it's impossible to go futher than Maria Montez. Totally unreal, yet played with astonishing sincerity and conviction, her roles are brought to life by a unique talent that wipes the rest of the cast right off the map. Jon Hall is absolutely ludicrous. Poor old Jon is not helped by the fact that he shares many of his scenes with a chimpanzee who not only blatantly outshines him in star personality and acting ability but even outstrips him in rescuing the heroine at the climax! Cobra Woman fully deserves its front-running as one of America's favourite cult movies."
(George Aachen)

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