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Day The Earth Stood Still

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  Day The Earth Stood Still Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
Average Rating
7.93 /10
Michael Rennie , Patricia Neal , Hugh Marlowe
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Directed by: Robert Wise
Written by: Edmund H. North, based on a story by Harry Bates

Released: 1951
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: BW
Length: 92

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Remains not only a SF cinema classic, but one of the few really intelligent science fiction films.

(James Van Hise, Films Fantastique).

The Washington backgrounds are well used, especially in night sequences where stark side-lighting gives a hard-edged intensity to the white flying saucer squatting in the park. Klaatu’s recipe for peace - a robot police force unsusceptible to corruption or scientific tampering - sounds alarmingly Fascist but whatever its political pedigree, The Day the Earth Stood Still remains one of the most entertaining excursions into SF attempted by Hollywood.

(John Baxter, Science Fiction in the Cinema, 1970)

Thoughtful rather than horrifying, with subtle antifascist hints scattered throughout.

(Steven H. Scheuer, Movies on TV and Videocassette, 1992)

A very good movie, briskly paced, entertaining, a great deal of fun. In it, Robert Wise showed himself at his peak of ability. Scenes have vitality and movement. The cutting is extremely sharp. Except for Marlowe’s, the performances are subtle and detailed. The point of each scene is admirably transmitted. The structure of the film is clean and uncluttered, and is eminently satisfactory for a thriller. (The movie was modeled on heroic-spy stories.) In its visual style, it lies between the mock documentaries and the films noir of its period.

(Bill Warren, Keep Watching The Skies!)

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