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Dersu Uzala

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  Dersu Uzala  Review
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5 /10
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7.33 /10
Maxim Munzuk, Yuri Solomine, Schemeiki Chokmorov
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Directed by: Akira Kurosawa
Written by: Akira Kurosawa, Yuri Nagibin, from Vladimir Arseniev's journals

Released: 1975
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: USSR/ Japan
Colour: C
Length: 140

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Yes, I like it, and I know why... Kurosawa... has a deep respect for the dignity of the human being... A fine, caring film.

(Margaret Hinxman)

Full of sequences of spectacular adventure, beautiful and threatening.

(Alan Brien, Sunday Times)

Many people (I'm among them) believe it to be a masterpiece of modern cinema... You don't need to accept the whole of Kurosawa's philosophy to be moved and inspired by his vision.

(Nina Hibbin, Morning Star)

Kurosawa is a calibre of filmmaker that speaks directly back to D.W. Griffith or John Ford... [The film] celebrates and at the same time regrets the passing of an age and certain kind of man.

(Tom Hutchinson, Sunday Telegraph)

As intimate in relationships and details as it is grand in vistas and scope.

(Nick Martin & Marsha Porter, Video Movie Guide, 1998)

At its least, this film is a good example of the Noble Savage syndrome but because of some exciting and haunting sequences (Dersu saving the captain from a tiger and from dying of exposure) many think it a masterpiece.

(David Shipman, The Good Film and Video Guide, 1986)

Many remarkable scenes in Kurosawa's best style, with exciting use of widescreen and stereo.

(Derek Winnert, Radio Times Film and Video Guide, 1995)

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