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  Gremlins Review
Tookey's Rating
7 /10
Average Rating
6.77 /10
Zach Gilligan, Hoyt Axton, Phoebe Cates
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Directed by: Joe Dante
Written by: Chris Columbus

Released: 1984
Origin: US
Length: 111

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One person calls it ‘E.T. with teeth’. You could also say it’s ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with Muppets'. Then again it’s also ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ set in a back lot town of Frank Capra’s It's a Wonderful Life’. In fact, for all the hundreds of movie references one could conjure up to describe the film, no one is likely to confuse Gremlins with any other movie.
(David Ansen, Newsweek)
The whole movie is a sly series of send-ups, inspired by movie scenes so basic they reside permanently in our subconscious. The opening scene, for example, involves a visit to your basic Mysterious Little Shop in Chinatown, where, as we all know, the ordinary rules of the visible universe cease to operate and magic is a reality. Later on, after a kid’s father buys him a cute little gremlin in Chinatown, we have a new version of your basic Puppy for Christmas Scene. Then there are such basic movie characters as the Zany Inventor, the Blustering Sheriff, the Clean-Cut Kid, the Cute Girlfriend, and, of course, the Old Bag.
(Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)
Film buffs could spend a year trying to find all the in-jokes.
(Simon Rose, Essential Film Guide, 1993)

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