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Maedchen In Uniform / Girls In Uniform / Madchen In Uniform

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  Maedchen In Uniform  / Girls In Uniform / Madchen In Uniform Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
Average Rating
7.88 /10
Emilia Unda, Dorothea Wieck , Hedwig Schlichter
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Directed by: Leontine Sagan
Written by: Christa Winsloe, F.D. Andam from Winsloe's play Gestern und Heute

Released: 1931
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: Germany
Length: 110

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"Deserves every good thing said about it as a work of delicacy and beauty; but to save his life this reviewer could not detect the slightly decayed salacity that many critics averred it expounded... [It] does not propagandize... The appeal is made only to the heart."
(Jose Rodriguez, Rob Wagner's Script)
"Beautifully directed, beautifully written, and acted to a degree that approaches perfection."
(Harry Evans, Life)
"Many flashes of great beauty and fine acting."
(Time & Tide)
"An unusual and remarkable picture."
(A.T. Borthwick, News Chronicle)
"A film of such power and beauty... it is life captured an transformed into shadows,"
(Ewart Hodgson, Daily Express)
"A delicate understanding of adolescence... a triumph of naturalism."
(Dudley Leslie, Sunday Dispatch)
"The miracle of this film is the acting of Dorothea Wieck."
(S.R. Littlewood, Sunday Referee)
"[The film] is so revolutionary that it is only recently, with the women's movement's rediscovery and championing of the film, that the most clear and obvious implications of its narrative have been acknowledged and discussed...since its central message...presents a tremendous threat to the status quo...The modern feminist concept 'the personal is political' is at the heart of [the film]... a moving, sensual affirmation of lesbian and feminist values."
(Penny Ware, The Leveller, 1981)
"At once a strident warning against the consequences of Hitler's regime and the first truly radical lesbian film."
(Time Out Film Guide, 1998)

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