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Rules Of The Game / La Regle Du Jeu

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  Rules Of The Game  / La Regle Du Jeu Review
Tookey's Rating
8 /10
Average Rating
9.58 /10
Marcel Dalio , Nora Gregor, Jean Renoir
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Directed by: Jean Renoir
Written by: Jean Renoir, Carl Koch

Released: 1939
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: France
Length: 113

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"It has stood the years very well indeed, turning from a smart contemporary satire into something near a social document... It remains one of Renoir's best films and one of the most devastating commentaries on a society to come from any country."
(Frank Hauser, Tribune)
"A witty and sardonic analysis of an irresponsible, though possibly attractive, section of French society... [Renoir] is firmly and intellectually satirical to the end, and in an admirably Gallic fashion."
(Time and Tide)
"One of the most remarkable French films ever made... an undoubted masterpiece."
(Richard Winnington, News Chronicle)
"Outwardly this is the story of a house party that comes to an ironic denouement; on another level, it is a tragicomic view of a world in flux, of changing morality and social standards, where heroic-and unheroic-notions of honor are out of date and where those who don't stick to the rules upset the game."
(Judith Crist)
"The film's whiff of war is conveyed in a now classic scene in which the aristocrats slaughter birds and rabbits during a shoot - presaging the film's climactic incident of poignantly absurd human sacrifice. Renoir later said he wanted a certain disorder, wanted to tell a light story about a world dancing on a volcano. His indirection, his refusal to become explicit, is the reason the film remains so hauntingly resonant."
(Jay Carr)
"Not only a wonderful piece of film-making, not only a great work of humanism and social comedy in a perfect rococo frame, but also an act of historical testimony."
(Penelope Gilliatt)

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