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Eight Legged Freaks

  Eight Legged Freaks Review
Tookey's Rating
8 /10
Average Rating
6.20 /10
Chris McCormack: David Arquette, Sheriff Sam Parker: Kari Wuhrer, Mike Parker: Scott Terra
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Directed by: Ellory Elkayem
Written by: Ellory Elkayem and Jesse Alexander

Released: 2002
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 99

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If you go to Eight Legged Freaks expecting anything but a campy, cheesy romp, then you have wandered into the wrong theater. This movie is for those who like smart (often self-referential) humor and cheap thrills. It lives off making fun of other movies while supplying the occasional creepy moment or sudden scare. Those who don't like spiders will definitely want to stay away. While the CGI special effects aren't that impressive (I assume they are intended to look fake), they are vivid enough to give arachnophobes nightmares. There is no way a spider-hater is going to derive enjoyment out of this motion picture. Take this into consideration if you're considering Eight Legged Freaks as a ‘date movie.’ Having your companion flee up the aisle at the sight of a 15-foot tarantula is not the best way to start an evening.

(James Berardinelli, Reelviews)

The filmmakers want nothing else than to show us a good time, and in their cheap, B movie way, they succeed.

(David Cornelius, Amazing Colossal Website)

More often than not, the mutated spiders serve as punchlines for grisly sight gags. A little bit of this is genuinely amusing. A lot of it, which is what Elkayem provides, is merely repetitive.

(Joe Leydon, San Francisco Examiner)

A homage to a genre of film made by people who are working from visual memories of horror cheapies like Them. They nailed the visual tribute. They just left out the cautionary morality, the sense of justice and the heart.

(Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel)

A decent homage to the 'classics' but never quite understands what made its predecessors so appealing in the first place.

(Loey Lockerby, Kansas City Star)

Marginally amusing, but I'm giving it thumbs down.

(Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper)

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