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About Schmidt

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  About Schmidt Review
Tookey's Rating
9 /10
Average Rating
7.91 /10
Warren Schmidt: Jack Nicholson , Jeannie: Hope Davis
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Directed by: Alexander Payne
Written by: Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor , based on the novel by Louis Begley

Released: 2002
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 0

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Although Schmidt ... does not build on the promise of Payne's earlier work, it is funny enough with sufficient star power to carry it home.

(Mark Keizer, Box Office Magazine)

About Schmidt has backed itself into a corner with its hero, who is so limited it would be torture to watch him for two hours, even played by Nicholson... About Schmidt is essentially a portrait of a man without qualities, baffled by the emotions and needs of others. That Jack Nicholson makes this man so watchable is a tribute not only to his craft, but to his legend: Jack is so unlike Schmidt that his performance generates a certain awe. Another actor might have made the character too tragic or passive or empty, but Nicholson somehow finds within Schmidt a slowing developing hunger, a desire to start living now that the time is almost gone. About Schmidt is billed as a comedy. It is funny to the degree that Nicholson is funny playing Schmidt, and funny in terms of some of his adventures, but at bottom it is tragic.

(Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)

Reasonably entertaining while it was in front of me, but it's leaving a sour aftertaste.

(Mike D'Angelo, Man Who Viewed Too Much)

Itís a brilliant, honest performance by Nicholson, but the film is an agonizing bore except when the fantastic Kathy Bates turns up. Bravado Kathy!

(Victoria Alexander,

[Nicholson] makes Payne's film look better than it is, but he can't save it from being overlong, repetitious, and flat.

(Arthur Lazere,

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