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Sex Lives of the Potato Men

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  Sex Lives of the Potato Men Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
Average Rating
1.10 /10
Johnny Vegas , Mackenzie Crook , Mark Gatiss
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Directed by: Andy Humphries
Written by: Andy Humphries

Released: 2004
Genre: WORST
Origin: GB
Colour: C
Length: 82

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Lacking any real plot, the action plods along amiably... Idiotic it may be, with its gags about old ladies gazing longingly at cocks or bizarre voyeuristic practices between a brutish husband and his slutty wife, but it's no worse than intended. If your expectations are low (how could they be otherwise?), you might even enjoy it, particularly if you have a sense of humour that embraces cheerful ribaldry - it's a British tradition, after all.
(Graeme Clark, The Spinning Image)
Never has a film targeted a common denominator quite so low. The characters live in a condition of physical, moral and spiritual squalor that would, were they still alive, induce a suicidal despair in British directors like Karel Reisz, Tony Richardson, Lindsay Anderson and John Schlesinger, who set out in the early 1960s to make honest movies about working-class life. Intentionally or not, Potato Men takes a more unflinching look at the brutalised Britain of today than any movie I've seen.
(Philip French, Observer)

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