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Spider-Man 3

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  Spider-Man 3 Review
Tookey's Rating
4 /10
Average Rating
6.36 /10
Peter Parker/Spider-Man: Tobey Maguire , Mary Jane Watson: Kirsten Dunst Harry Osborn: James Franco
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Directed by: Sam Raimi
Written by: Alvin Sargent, Sam Raimi

Released: 2007
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 140

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Overly long and complicated, it's packed with crowd-pleasing moments and satisfactorily wraps up the trilogy - without quite capturing the magic of the first two installments.
(Lou Lumenick, New York Post)
Spider-Man 3's action is superb and its theme fairly weighty. Then why does it feel a letdown from its predecessor? Nearly all the blame rests with director Sam Raimi, who's taken the success of some light slapstick moments in Spider-Man 2 as a cue to get even sillier.
(Noel Murray, The Onion)
The Spider-Man series, which debuted in 2002 and continued in 2004 and 2007, represents the first superhero cycle to complete a trilogy with the same primary cast and production team it had at the beginning. If nothing else, that assures viewers of a certain degree of continuity. However, while it could be argued that Spider-Man 2 had too little plot for its substantial running length, the opposite could be said of Spider-Man 3. It's really two movies crammed into one, the first of which is a lot better than the second. Spider-Man 3 starts out strong but before it finishes, many viewers will desperately wish it had called it quits an hour earlier... The most glaring stumbling block is Venom. He's one bad guy too many. Not only is the creature poorly realized but its introduction into the story causes everything to be crowded, rushed, and overlong. Spider-Man 3 feels like it should end around the 1:40 mark, but like the Energizer Bunny on a rampage, it keeps going. The climactic battle is a disaster. It's not exciting and it requires two contrivances too excruciating to ignore (one involves a butler that would make Alfred look dumb; the other involves Sandman's eventual fate). It's unforgivable that the film's last action scene should be so vastly inferior to the first one. The special effects aren't even all that impressive. There are several instances in which it's all-too-obvious that Spider-Man and his nemeses are computer generated. This is sloppier than anything in either Spider-Man or Spider-Man 2.
(James Berardinelli, Reelviews)
There are way too many storylines here, especially for a movie that turns stiff whenever it's on the ground. When cascading through the cityscape, Spider-Man 3 still makes us gasp with delight, but on Earth those gasps come solely in reaction to the cynical dreariness of the script.
(Marjorie Baumgarten, Austin Chronicle)
It's not dull, exactly, but neither is it much fun.
(Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer)
Still smart, still exciting and still action-packed. It's just a shame to note that, after promising greatness, all Spider-Man 3 delivers is satisfaction.
(Chris Hewitt, Empire)
Despite a few knots in the story, that trademark combo of warmth, wit and charm keeps you hanging.
(Stella Papamichael, BBCi)
The movie's strong suit is the shock'n'awe of its special effects. Its weak suit is the attempts at emotional depth
(Philip French, Observer)

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