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Beauty and the Beast

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  Beauty and the Beast Review
Tookey's Rating
10 /10
Average Rating
6.06 /10
Emma Watson , Dan Stevens, Gerard Horan
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Directed by: Bill Condon
Written by: Steven Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos , songs by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman

Released: 2017
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US/ UK
Length: 129

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I canít say I loved it, as it drags and drags and only occasionally springs to life. But this ďtale as old as timeĒ resonates as well as it ever has, and its songs still stick with you long after the closing credits.
(Roger Moore, Movie Nation)
It looks the same, moves the same and sounds the same (those Alan Menken songs!) as the original. But some of the magic has gone M.I.A.
(Peter Travers, Rolling Stone)
A lively, workmanlike musical that only occasionally rises to the heights of its 1991 predecessor and frequently coasts on a lower plane.
(James Berardinelli, ReelViews)
Itís fine and funny and sweet and lush and some of the songs are infectious, but I still donít completely understand why it exists ó and why they couldnít do more with it.
(Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly)
Beauty and the Beast is delectably done; when itís over, though, and when the spell is snapped, it melts away, like cotton candy on the tongue.
(Anthony Lane, New Yorker)

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