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Godless (TV)

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  Godless (TV) Review
Tookey's Rating
9 /10
Average Rating
8.36 /10
Jack O'Connell , Michelle Dockery , Scoot McNairy
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Directed by: Scott Frank
Written by: Scott Frank

Released: 2017
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 0

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As a director, Frank has an eye for sweeping Western vistas, and the thrilling final battle is masterfully staged. It takes far too long to get there, though, with entire episodes in the middle of the series that seemingly could have been removed entirely. Everything from the costumes to the character types to the wonderfully vintage-sounding score by Carlos Rafael Rivera points to Frank’s obvious love for old-school Westerns, but one of the best things about those Westerns is how economical they were, often finishing up in around 75 minutes. Godless has more than one episode that runs that same amount of time, slowing the simple story down to a crawl. You could skip straight from the first episode to the last and get most of what’s important about the story and the character development, along with plenty of flavorful dialogue and rustic visuals. It would take about two and a half hours — just the right amount of time for a substantial, satisfying feature film.
(Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly)
Godless certainly doesn't do much to subvert genre cliches... But then, westerns were never about pushing boundaries - they were about entertainment, and Godless has that in abundance.
(Owen Richards, The Arts Desk)
So-so Western is well-acted, but moves at a snail's pace.
(Jenny Nixon, Common Sense Media)
Don't get me wrong - Godless is a spectacular show, and well worth watching... But still, it feels like a missed opportunity to have built up the conceit of a "no man's land" ruled by women, and fail to deliver on the feminism.
(Anne Cohen, Refinery)
Godless, the grimness of its title notwithstanding, goes somewhere almost corny, but kind of beautiful.
(Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times)
Buoyed by strong performances and its knowing embrace of an under-utilized genre, this seven-part event slows in the middle but yields the kind of home stretch for which it's worth giving thanks.
(Brian Lowry,
If he (Scott Frank) doesn't achieve the visual or narrative poetry of the filmmakers he's riffing on - the John Fords, Howard Hawkses and Robert Altmans - he still gives you plenty to look at, and it's never boring.
(Mike Hale, New York Times)
Godless doesn't reinvent the wagon wheel, but it gets a few good spins out of trusty Western standbys in its too-long seven-hour run.
(Erik Adams, AV Club)
There's great acting to be found, and some thoughtful writing - and if you like sweeping panoramas of the sun setting across an untamed wild, then you're in excellent, if heavy, hands.
(Allison Shoemaker,
The only major issue with Godless as a thoughtful and engaging entertainment is that you're constantly aware that it could have been so much more than that.
(Chris Cabin, Collider)

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