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Face/ Off

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  Face/ Off Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
Average Rating
7.60 /10
Sean Archer ............ John Travolta , Castor Troy ............ Nicolas Cage , Eve Archer ............. Joan Allen
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Directed by: John Woo
Written by: Mike Werb and Michael Colleary

Released: 1997
Origin: US
Length: 140

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"An R-rated movie that earned its rating because the plot premise - involving faces that are reversed - is depicted in graphic detail, and its violence, in keeping with director John Woo's style, is excessive, at least as measured by the extent of the shootings, crashes, explosions and wild brawls. These are the fluff items that will attract viewers interested in fast-paced violent action films, but Face/Off, which stars John Travolta and Nicholas Cage in the face-reversal roles, has substance in its plot, dialogue and performances."
(James M. Wall, Christian Century)

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