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Mystery Men

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  Mystery Men Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
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6.00 /10
Casanova Frankenstein: Geoffrey Rush, Captain Amazing:Greg Kinnear, Blue Raja:Hank Azaria
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Directed by: Kinka Usher
Written by: Neil Cuthbert. Based on the Dark Horse Comic Book Series created by Bob Burden.

Released: 1999
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 111

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A good example of what happens when a movie becomes what it should be jabbing.

(Steven Rosen, Denver Post)

Strenuously unfunny.

(Joe Baltake, Sacramento Bee)


(Wesley Morris, San Francisco Examiner)

Stretched far too thin for its meager plot, broad characters and lame running jokes.

(Bruce Westbrook, Houston Chronicle)

Unappealing mush.

(William Arnold, Seattle Post Intelligencer)

This year's The Avengers.

(Rod Dreher, New York Post)

A lazy script works on the one-note premise that superheroes are just deluded schmucks with too much nervous energy. But the writers finally play it safe by calling on unearthly powers to wrap things up. Usher, seduced by what looks like a gargantuan design budget, directs like someone who either doesn't love comics at all or loves the wrong sort too much. Mystery Men is a horrible mess with little to recommend it, except for nice touches in DP Stephen H. Burum's and designer Kirk M. Petruccelli's colour palette. Unfortunately, a few strident reds and purples don't make a movie.

(Jonathan Romney, Sight & Sound)

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