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Super Size Me

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  Super Size Me Review
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9 /10
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7.42 /10
Morgan Spurlock (pictured), Ronald McDonald, Dr. Daryl Isaacs
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Directed by: Morgan Spurlock
Written by: Morgan Spurlock

Released: 2004
Origin: US
Length: 96

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Stupid... No one eats McDonald's food three times a day, every day, and no one should. We believe, and have always believed, that McDonald's can be eaten as part of a well-balanced diet. What Mr Spurlock set out to do, which was double his daily calorie intake, deliberately not exercise and over-eat, was totally irresponsible.
(Guy Russo, chief executive, McDonald’s, Australia)
Lacks the crucial element of surprise, and it is difficult to see that his less-than-startling conclusion - a McDonald’s-only diet makes you fat and very unhealthy - is really worth a tip to the cinema.
(Matthew Bond, Mail on Sunday)

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