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Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn

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  Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
Average Rating
6.55 /10
Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig
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Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Written by: Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, based on Hergeís The Adventures of Tintin

Released: 2011
Origin: US
Length: 107

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Itís an unusual way to bring a childhood thing to life, to make a movie that contains no life.
(Ed Whitfield, The Ooh Tray)
On the face of it, all is well. But look closely at the film's protagonists, with their strange vestigial features and blank, marbled gaze... Viewed from a distance, The Adventures of Tintin stands proud as freewheeling, high-spirited entertainment. But those close-ups are painful, a twist of the knife. There on the screen we see Herge's old and cherished protagonists, raised like Lazarus and made to scamper anew. But the spark is gone, their eyes are dusty, and watching their antics is like partying with ghosts. Turn away; don't meet their gaze. When we stare into the void, the void stares back at us.
(Xan Brooks, Guardian)
Famously, Herge said that Spielberg was the only director capable of successfully bringing his creation to the big screen. That probably remains true. But this film hasn't done it.
(Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph)
Coming out of the new Tintin film directed by Steven Spielberg, I found myself, for a few seconds, too stunned and sickened to speak; for I had been obliged to watch two hours of literally senseless violence being perpetrated on something I loved dearly. In fact, the sense of violation was so strong that it felt as though I had witnessed a rape.
(Nicholas Lezard, Guardian)

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