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Beauty and the Beast

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  Beauty and the Beast Review
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10 /10
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6.06 /10
Emma Watson , Dan Stevens, Gerard Horan
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Directed by: Bill Condon
Written by: Steven Chbosky and Evan Spiliotopoulos , songs by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman

Released: 2017
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US/ UK
Length: 129

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Seeing it will probably send you back to the original animated movie for refreshment.
(Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor)
This isnít just a remake; itís an act of cinematic upholstery, with all the padding that implies.
(Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times)
Itís a Michelin-triple-starred master class in patisserie skills that transforms the cinematic equivalent of a sugar rush into a kind of crystal meth-like narcotic high that lasts about two hours. Only once viewers have come down and digested it all might they feel like the whole experience was actually a little bland, lacking in depth and so effervescent as to be almost instantly forgettable.
(Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter)
Thereís plenty of spectacle in Beauty and the Beast, which will be enough for many if not most young audiences. But there isnít much magic, and what there is coasts on 26-year-old fumes.
(Ty Burr, Boston Globe)
With each musical reprise and imitated frame, Condon continues a fight of comparisons he can't win. Either imitate a classic faithfully or leave out the songs and make your own version. Or just leave perfection alone.
(Steve Persall, Tampa Bay Times)
The problems here, I think, are weirdly simple. The movie takes our knowledge and our interest in the material for granted. It zips from one number to another, throwing a ton of frenetically edited eye candy at the screen, charmlessly.
(Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune)
The clock, Cogsworth, serves as a perfect metaphor for the production itself: The movieís just as poky and lumbering as he is while huffing up the staircase to escort Belle to her bedroom.
(Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice)
The movie is like a second verse, sung a little louder and just a little bit worse.
(Blake Goble, Consequence of Sound)
Never genuinely thrilling or sincerely hilarious, Beauty and the Beast ho-hums along until the next needle drop of a prominent musical cue. If Disney believes these tales are as old as time, they ought to have a better reason for bringing them back to life than unimaginatively cashing in on nostalgia.
(Jordan Raup, The Film Stage)
This new mainly live-action Disney version of the oft-told story directed by Bill Condon feels largely perfunctory. Where it flounders most is on the miscasting of several crucial roles.
(Dan Callahan, TheWrap)
In the new film beauty is sought, and seldom found, in glitzy surfaces. Enchantment is chased, and never captured, in extravagant set pieces that owe less to fairy-tale tradition than to Cirque du Soleil grandiosity.
(Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal)
Itís largely a frustrating clone of the original movie ó same songs, same script, often even the exact same shot choices ó but it replaces every moment of authentic or moving emotion with bombast and hyperbolic overemphasis.
(Tasha Robinson, The Verge)
Beauty and the Beast lacks both the charm and the aesthetic splendor of its predecessor; it's a meaningless and empty remake that, for the most part, just poorly mimics the original's iconic scenes.
(Anthony Ray Bench, Film Threat)
Disney has ripped a jewel out of its casing and set it in something far more elaborate; the effect is garish rather than nostalgic, frustrating rather than memorable.
(David Sims, The Atlantic)
Condon and his team have alchemized gold into lead.
(Alan Scherstuhl, Village Voice)
By hewing so closely to the original, the film does itself no favors.
(Will Leitch, New Republic)
There's a complicated jumble of gender politics at hand, and any attempt at modernizing the dynamic is more of a random piling on rather than a thoughtful incorporation.
(Katie Walsh, Tribune News Service)
Beauty And The Beast feels like a cynical, uninspired rehash seemingly created just to make a fiscal year sound promising to shareholders. This is a product that's more manufactured than inspired.
(Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist)
The whole movie is lit in that fascinatingly artificial honeyglow light, and it runs smoothly on rails Ė the kind of rails that bring in and out the stage sets for the lucrative Broadway touring version.
(Peter Bradshaw, Guardian)
This Beauty And The Beast is no match at all for the animated classic. And Miss Watson is a Belle who fails to chime.
(Brian Viner, Daily Mail)

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