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Baby Driver

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  Baby Driver Review
Tookey's Rating
3 /10
Average Rating
7.97 /10
Ansel Elgort , C.J. Jones, Eiza Gonzalez
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Directed by: Edgar Wright
Written by: Edgar Wright

Released: 2017
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 112

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As charming as Baby Driver strives to be, the appeal starts to curdle once Wright makes his fetishistic aims clear.
(Ann Hornaday, Washington Post)
A playlist does not a movie make.
(Chris Barsanti, PopMatters)
The music helps distract viewers from the fact that they have no emotional investment in any of these characters or the story itself.
(Michael Heaton, Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Baby Driver is too much the soulless good boy doing bad things; what it lacks in substance it can't hope to make up for in style.
(Alex Doenau, Trespass)
Wright seems to be taking notes from Quentin Tarantino for his use of pop music to provide an aural bed of energy for the story to glide on. The problem is that Edgar Wright isn't anywhere near as gifted as Tarantino.
(Cole Smithey,
Baby Driver is so poorly written on levels of plot, characterization and (especially) dialogue that Wright's typically first-rate craftsmanship fails to save it-and, in context, even becomes its own source of annoyance.
(Adam Nayman, Cineaste Magazine)
There is not enough of a sense of vulnerability or struggle to Baby, meaning we don't really care that much what ultimately happens to him either way. This is a cardinal sin in the writing of any protagonist.
(Hilary A White, Sunday Independent, Ireland)
The car-chase movie reinvented? Maybe, but it just hasn't been reinvented enough.
(Deborah Ross, Spectator)
The disjointed plot of this fast and spurious jaunt frustrates at every corner taken in fifth gear.
(Terry Staunton, Radio Times)
After eating exhaust fumes for the best part of two hours, this moviegoer left feeling decidedly queasy.
(Vicky Roach, Daily Telegraph, Australia)

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