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Spiral/ Engrenages (TV)

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  Spiral/ Engrenages (TV) Review
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10.00 /10
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8.00 /10
Caroline Proust , Audrey Fleurot , Philippe Duclos
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Directed by: Jean-Marc Brondolo, Manuel Boursinhac, Frederic Jardin, Philippe Triboit, Frederic Mermoud, Pascal Chaumeil, Gilles Bannier, Virginie Sauveur, Frederic Balekdjian, Philippe Venault, Nicolas Guicheteau
Written by: Anne Landois,Thierry Depambour, Eric de Barahir, Virginie Brac, Simon Jablonka, Frank Henry, Alexandra Clert, Guy-Patrick Sainderichin, Kristel Mudry, Sebastien Vitoux, Laurent Vivier, Laurence Diaz, Laurent Burtin, Martin Garonne, Mathieu Missoffe, Cristina Arellano, Paul Berthier, Alysa Sun, Didier Le Pecheur, Lionel Olenga, Philippe Triboit, Clara Bourreau, Anne Viau, Olivier Fox. Created by Alexandra Clert and Guy-Patrick Sainderichin

Released: 2005
Origin: France
Length: 0

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(The heroine is) a bad-tempered, existentially morose, drunk slut... (The series is notable for) nihilistic behaviour, mood swings and vomit.
(A.A. Gill, Sunday Times, on series 1)
it offers the nastiest, filthiest, most unromantic depiction of Paris imaginable. The sun never shines; everything is broken or dirty or both; and nobody is ever at all nice to anybody else. In the first two aspects it is therefore an unrealistically pessimistic exaggeration of Parisian reality. I leave you to make your own judgement about the third. The very first episode of the first series opens with the view of a horribly mutilated female corpse on a rubbish dump, and it gets worse from there. In fact, the sheer unremitting disgustingness of Series 1 Ė which includes the ultimate Amis-ian taboo, dead babies Ė becomes almost comical in its Pythonesque excess. Where it isnít comical itís plain irritating, though not as irritating as the thing that really lets down the first season, which is the hairstyle of the lead character Police Captain Laure Berthaud.
(Andrew Nixon, The Dabbler)

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