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Bridge/ Broen, Broen (TV)

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  Bridge/ Broen, Broen (TV) Review
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8 /10
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8.00 /10
Sofia Helin , Kim Bodnia , Thure Lindhardt
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Directed by: Henrik Georgsson, Rumle Hammerich, Charlotte Sieling, Morten Arnfred, Kathrine Windfeld, Lisa Siwe
Written by: Hans Rosenfeldt Created by Hans Rosenfeldt

Released: 2011
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: Sweden/ Denmark
Length: 0

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The woman swedish detective is in no way believable. Her attitude, manners and quite shockingly bad interpersonal skills could not have gotten her to the senior detective position she is in (although this no doubt lifelong attitude is miraculously changed just by working with the Danish detective and towards the end she's handing out thanks and gratitude to her colleagues). The way the killer uses the internet is also not at all believable, with victims webcast for the whole population to watch and agonize over as they slowly die. Surely the web stream would have been blocked at the request of the police. The role of the newspaper and TV are also not at all realistic. The journalist has frequent phone calls from the killer and can discuss them straight away on live TV without any request from the police to not broadcast this and let them get on with finding the killer. The journalist also names potential suspects in the newspaper with no need for a trial or charges from the police. With this kind of approach the newspaper would be bankrupt after a few months due to lawsuits from the wrongly accused. There does not seem to be too much attention to protecting DNA - the police blatantly wander around crime scenes touching things. Recent news stories from the UK have made it clear how important it is not to contaminate evidence with the DNA of others.
Towards the end of the series the police close in on the killer, desperately checking information and looking up data. But there is no attempt to enlarge the size of the investigation team, for what would probably be the biggest serial killing in the history of Denmark and Sweden! Come on!... Perhaps viewers in the UK can enjoy this show thinking "things are done differently in nordic countries". But as someone living in Finland I can assure you they are not and there are such things as trial by court (and not by media) and keeping the media quiet while cases are ongoing. One person was kidnapped in southern Finland a few years ago and there was a media blackout on the events and army UAV used to track movements. That was a kidnapping of one person! Malmo and Copenhagen forces don't even seem to have the budget for a helicopter in this TV series!... If you can imagine a British series about the Yorkshire Ripper with him web streaming his crimes live as they happened, half the country watching on their PC's, a journalist from the Daily Mail getting phone calls from him and discussing them explicitly on sky news minutes later and the entire investigation handled just by a team of 8 officers from Leeds police force as the victim count increases, then that is the realism The Bridge has about police work.
(Richard Bevan, Amazon user, on series 1, 2012)

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