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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind / Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Special Edition

  Close Encounters Of The Third Kind / Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - Special Edition Review
Tookey's Rating
8 /10
Average Rating
8.96 /10
Richard Dreyfuss, Francois Truffaut, Teri Garr
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Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Written by: Steven Spielberg

Released: 1977
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 135

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The one salient feature of Spielberg's script is that it makes no sense whatever. This may have something to do with its having been shot over a period of three years and with five different cinematographers (sometimes the same car has different license plates). But it must have more to do with a basic contempt for consistency... Spielberg's UFOs, though meant to be manned by benevolent, superior creatures, play nasty practical jokes on mankind, and are criminally careless of human safety... Spielberg which in German means toy mountain may indeed have made the most monumental molehill in movie history, conveniently cone-shaped to serve as a dunce's cap for an extremely swelled head.

(John Simon, National Review)

The movie is no good. Certainly it has moments that suggest the tremendous talent, effort and expense that went into the making but they, alas, only point up the difference between what is, and what might have been... To call the project 'ambitious' is to resort to ironic understatement. 'Impossible' comes closer to the truth.

(Susan Stark, Detroit Free Press)

Spielberg's preoccupation, here and in his other big box-office movies, with childhood dreams of outer-space visitors and with preposterous, boyishly imagined fears of derring-do is so romantic and obsessive that it would have unsettled Rousseau. These are children's movies for grown-ups; and their well-nigh unparalleled popularity among baby-boomers makes it clear that baby boomers want children's movies.

(Bruce Bawer, American Spectator)

The human factor in Spielberg's screenplay is, well, boring. The basic difficulty is that there isn't any conflict.


As a drama of human and alien interaction, it is a dud... The film still tells us nothing about the makings of an alien and certainly gives no indication as to why they want to take a dunderhead like Roy Neary with them on their return home.

(Parish & Pitts, The Great Science Fiction Movies II)

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