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  Daylight Review
Tookey's Rating
5 /10
Average Rating
4.33 /10
Kit Latura ............ Sylvester Stallone, Madelyne Thompson ..... Amy Brenneman, Roy Nord .............. Viggo Mortensen
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Directed by: Rob Cohen
Written by: Leslie Bohem

Released: 1996
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 109

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“It's bad enough to be really stupid and annoying, but it can't make it up the hill to the happier land of campy failures. It doesn't quite rise to the level of The Poseidon Adventure, a movie Daylight resembles.”
(Tucson Weekly)
“Bang, pow, whoosh, fizzle. Though the explosion that seals off New York and New Jersey will have even curious theater concession stand crews bolting their posts, the characterizations are strictly low-cal. Combined with extensive underwater footage, it all suggests an unsolicited homage to the coming year's 25th anniversary of The Poseidon Adventure.”
(Mike Clark, USA Today)
“Daylight deserves mention for the especially complex and ridiculous situations it presents in the service of setting up a series of events which try to pass themselves off as a plot. One conversation between Kit and some official New York City tunnel regulator stands out in particular. It concerns a series of exhaust fans which Kit will attempt to shimmy through on his odyssey of rescue, and it takes the regulator a good five minutes to describe the arcane rules which govern the fans' wildly improbable switching devices. Meanwhile, all available characters have been called upon to repeat bits of exposition over and over. The fire in the tunnel is toxic, we are told, again and again. Down below, the survivors emerge from their cars, cough once or twice, then forget all about it. At about this point, it seemed it was the audience who needed to be rescued, not the luckless motorists. Kit continues on his wild, suicidal rescue mission. (For a while I thought everyone was calling him ‘Kid’- simply the wrong nickname for the aging star - because that was the level of ineptness under which the film was operating.) In true disaster flick fashion, each survivor has a distinct little personality that helps or hurts them on their quest for, well, daylight. People die, people live, but it's all so totally familiar and flat that it's hard to really pay attention to who drowns, who gets eaten by rats and who gets spurted out of the bottom of the river in a blue green geyser that miraculously deposits the prettiest girl on high ground with spanking dry hair. Daylight is not only a disaster movie, it's a disaster of a movie.”
(Stacey Richter, Tucson Weekly)
"Utterly dismal."
(Quentin Curtis, Daily Telegraph)

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