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First Knight

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  First Knight Review
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5 /10
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4.00 /10
Richard Gere , Sean Connery , Julia Ormond
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Directed by: Jerry Zucker
Written by: William Nicholson

Released: 1995
Origin: US
Length: 134

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The movie plays out its conflict on sets and locations that look, frankly, less than convincing after Braveheart and Rob Roy. At one point, while a town is under siege, a bell tower falls over for no apparent reason except that prop men caused it to do so. At another point, Arthur stands on a hilltop with Guinevere and shows her the glistening city of Camelot at night - with a light sparkling in every window. Either they had lots of candles, or the guys who built the miniature got carried away. Another problem is closer to the crux of the story. In order to identify with Guinevere's dilemma, we must be truly able to believe it. We must be convinced by the attraction she feels for both Arthur and Lancelot. This is hard to do, because Richard Gere plays Lancelot with such insouciance that he doesn't seem serious enough to love. He doesn't have the psychic weight to be worth a kingdom.
(Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)
Purists will be furious. Historians will be incredulous. Critics will be hilarious. It is not often that the genuine Hollywood vulgarian adds a new chapter to our national heritage. The event should be commemorated somehow. But I do not believe this will be achieved at the historic site called a box-office.
(Alexander Walker, Evening Standard)
Impressive on the surface, inside it is a mediocrity de luxe.
(Geoff Brown, Times)

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