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Forbidden Planet

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  Forbidden Planet Review
Tookey's Rating
6 /10
Average Rating
7.71 /10
Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis , Leslie Nielsen
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Directed by: Fred McLeod Wilcox
Written by: Cyril Hume

Released: 1956
Origin: US
Length: 98

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“It's a pity they didn't lift some of Shakespeare's dialogue: it’s hard to believe you’re in the heavens when the diction of the hero (Leslie Nielsen) and his spaceshipmates flattens you down to Kansas.”
(Pauline Kael, 1977)
“Since the old man has a daughter, some have seen this as a reworking of The Tempest, conferring a respectability it little deserves. The art direction isn't bad.”
“Cyril Hume wrote a very trite, juvenile script, in which the Freudian-incestuous elements are toned down so that we never understand the exact nature of the rivalry between Adams and Morbius for Alta. Direction by Fred Wilcox lacks excitement, the acting is stiff, and the crew-cutted, always snickering, obedient, white, WASPish soldiers are more fitting for the dull Eisenhower Era than the 23rd century. How can Adams be a near-genius and not know what id means? How can Morbius be so scholarly and have such an ignorant (and lazy) daughter? Why doesn’t he punch out Doc (Warren Stevens) for his supposedly flattering remarks about his daughter? Why does the Id Monster sabotage the ship when Morbius wants the crew to leave the planet?”
(Danny Peary)

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