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8 /10
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9.74 /10
Johnnie Gray ......... Buster Keaton , Annabelle Lee ........ Marion Mack, Mr. Lee .............. Charles Smith
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Directed by: Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman
Written by: Al Boasberg, Charles Smith

Released: 1926
Origin: US
Length: 80

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"Long and tedious - the least funny thing Buster Keaton has ever done."
"A one-man show, a mistake in a picture lasting an hour."
(Norbert Lusk, Picture/Play Charm)
"Far from funny... A flop."
"Buster Keaton shows signs of vaulting ambition... He appears to be attempting to enter the epic class. That he fails to get across is due to the scantiness of his material as compared with the length of his films; he has also displayed woefully bad judgment in deciding just where and when to stop... Many of his gags at the end of the picture are in such gruesomely bad taste that the sympathetic spectator is inclined to look the other way. The General has some grand scenes... and the ingenuity displayed by... Keaton in keeping these... tedious chases alive is little short of incredible. in spite of its pretentious proportions, The General is not nearly so good as Raymond Griffith's Civil War comedy Hands Up."
(Robert E. Sherwood, Life)
"Slow, very slow... Pull yourself together, Buster."
(Daily Mirror)

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