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Jurassic Park

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   Jurassic Park Review
Tookey's Rating
9 /10
Average Rating
8.05 /10
Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum
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Directed by: Steven Spielberg
Written by: Michael Crichton and David Koepp, from Crichton’s novel

Released: 1993
Origin: US
Length: 126

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One-dimensional and even clunky in story and characterization... The monsters are far more convincing than the human characters.
If you ask Steven Spielberg for bread, will he give you a stone? Yes - and then he'll sell you a T- shirt reading, "Stones Taste Great!"... Jurassic Park really is a hell of a piece of work, judged on a purely neurological level. Steven Spielberg wants you to jump, and you do. I suppose he could get an audience to wiggle its ears on cue. But this is all autonomic activity. The forebrain has nothing to do... (The) kid actors are so creepily vapid they must have bar codes printed on their skulls.
(Stuart Klawans, The Nation)
An eye-popper. What popped my eyes most was the stamina of a 9-year-old boy. In less than twenty-four hours, he is pinned beneath an overturned car, slides down a cliff, is pinned again under a car, cowers beneath a stampede of prehistoric animals, is blown off a fence when 10,000 volts suddenly electrify it, eats a huge meal and dodges two gigantic predatory beasts in a hotel kitchen. His 12-year-old sister shares most of these adventures. Next to the deeds of these two children, the special effects in the film don't stack up.
(Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic)
Has there ever been a director as unable as Spielberg to tackle the relationships of grown human beings?... The real problem with Spielberg is that, for all his technical cleverness, he keeps falling back on the same tricks. If in Jaws it was effective to start with someone being devoured by an invisible killer, that's the way to begin Jurassic Park; if in Close Encounters of the Third Kind it proved impressive to pan across a row of awestruck faces gazing at a phenomenon withheld from the camera for as long as possible, that shot goes straight into the new film. And once more John Williams has written redundantly overexplanatory background music that refuses to stay in the background.
(John Simon, National Review)
Excuse me if I've lost my mind, but: (1) Aren't we missing an ending? Don't we still have a gaggle of evil dinosaurs, some of whom may be able to fly off their island? (2) Was there anyone on the planet who thought Spielberg would kill off any of the kids? (3) Weren't some of those dinos taken out of storage from Spielberg's Gremlins lot? (4) What the heck was Jeff Goldblum there for- was Spielberg just setting him up on a blind date with Laura Dern? (5) Is Spielberg trying to start a bed-wetting epidemic among kiddies across the world? (6) Hey, who forgot the story?
(Rob Lurie, Los Angeles Magazine)
Michael Crichton's novel has been clumsily condensed amd his nastier characters unnecessarily whitewashed.
(Virgin Film Guide)
With state-of-the-art computer-generated effects, the creatures here are so good you hardly care what the rest of the film is like. Unfortunately, Spielberg seems to share the disinterest.
(Dominic Wells, Time Out)

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