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Eric Bana
Actor, Lucky You (2007)
What's happened to Eric Bana? When he starred in Chopper in 2000, playing the notorious criminal Brandon "Chopper" Read, it was an extraordinary acting breakthrough for this one-time comic and impressionist. He had the chops, as they say, for a demanding lead role in a feature film. And what chops they were: bloated, swarthy, scary. He was a performer who could turn on a sixpence from funny to terrifying. What, we wondered, would this terrific discovery do next? The answer turned out to be: act very, very boringly in lots and lots of disappointing films. Maybe he could have gone for a career like Jim Carrey's or Mike Myers'; instead he slimmed down and accepted dreary hunk roles with a professional American accent. How boring he instantly became: out-tediuming even Olympic-standard dullsters such as Matthew McConaughey and Chris O'Donnell. Here is more of the same.
(Peter Bradshaw, Guardian)
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