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Kelly Brook
Actress, School For Seduction (2004)
Former Big Breakfast presenter Kelly Brook has film-star looks but is not yet a leading actress, and she never convinces as a sophisticated Italian femme fatale wowing a bunch of “ordinary” North-Eastern women, and teaching them, to be sexy, seductive and in control of their lives. Her woodenness and uneasiness with comedy and drama alike mean that whenever the film revolves around her, it’s hopelessly amateurish.
(Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
Actress, Three (2006)
Kelly Brook, the curvaceous model-turned-Big Breakfast-presenter-turned-actress-turned-atomic-physicist (okay, I made that last bit up), spends much of the movie in a white bikini, which for some will be recommendation enough. To say that she acts would be to overstretch the truth. It would be fairer to say that she registers emotions, some of them appropriate, as she is fought over by two hunks with whom she is shipwrecked on a desert island.
(Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
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