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Lindsay Lohan
Actress, Just My Luck (2006)
Looking tired and sallow and drained of her customary glow, Lindsay Lohan marches grimly through this mechanical tween comedy as if it were a particularly tedious homework assignment. Which it is.
(Ella Taylor, LA Weekly)
Lohan is a disappointment. The liveliness and charisma she displayed in previous efforts like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls is not in evidence here. Too often, her performance is flat and routine - a by-the-book reading that could be accomplished by any actress in her age range. There are also scenes in which she looks tired (consider the early elevator sequence where she meets Mr. Rich Guy With Great Hair). Usually makeup takes care of this sort of thing, but not here. It's too early to write off Lohan, but she needs to bring more to future roles if she wants to stay in the spotlight.
(James Berardinelli, Reelviews)
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