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Pamela Anderson Lee
Los Angeles is full of pale imitations of Pamela Anderson and, worse still, Pamela Anderson herself.
(Lisa Marchant)
Actress, Barb Wire (1996)
The surgically enhanced star of TV's Baywatch, Pamela Anderson, makes her movie debut under her married name Pamela Anderson Lee. Fans of Mrs Lee's chest, which is roughly the size of an Anderson shelter, may be disappointed by the sudsiest and least revealing bubble-bath since the heyday of Jayne Mansfield, but leather fetishists will be amply rewarded by the many soft-porn shots of her bursting out of various outfits held together on a string and a prayer. A praiseworthy amount of money has been spent on sets, action sequences and explosions, but a few bob might profitably have been spent on acting lessons for the leading lady. The plot is a futuristic sci-fi rip-off of Casablanca, with added brutality and torture. Mrs Lee is adventurously cast in the hard-drinking, romantically disillusioned, Humphrey Bogart role.
(Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
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