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Barry Brown
Actor, Daisy Miller (1974)
Winterbourne is played by a blob named Barry Brown, devoid of distinction.
(Stanley Kauffmann, New Republic)
Fully as bad is the Winterbourne of Barry Brown. Picked for the part because he looked to Bogdanovich like the rare actor who has actually read a book, he manages to look and sound like someone who has indeed read one book - Little Women, say, or Uncle Tom's Cabin. His expressions are two: a would-be debonair but actually wan and fumbling smile, and a look he reserves for Daisy the gaze of a lovesick calf. This look, to do him justice, he is able to heighten: it progresses to lovesick wallaby and lovesick potto, until, at Daisy's graveside, it culminates in lovesick onager.
(John Simon, National Review)
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