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An A to Z of the World's Deadliest Movie Reviews From Affleck
to Zeta Jones
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Carol Burnett
Actress, Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed (1963)
I should have been given the award for Worst Performance Ever Given in Movies by an Actress.
(Carol Burnett)
Actress, The Front Page (1974)
Burnett easily gives the most awful performance of her career. She projects only one emotion - a gratingly annoying hysteria. One never enjoys the film so much as when her character throws herself out of a window.
(Virgin Film Guide)
Actress, Noises Off (1992)
Carol Burnett plays only the low comedy aspects of her role and misses her character's fatal conflict between avarice and vanity, which mean that she wants to cash in on the success of the production but can't resist compromising it by flirting with her leading men - the very element which makes her final, kamikaze descent into alcoholic hopelessness funny.
(Chris Tookey, Sunday Telegraph)
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