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Rowan Atkinson
Actor, Bean (1997)
What has always puzzled me more than anything is British “humor”. Slightly amusing at its ultimate best, these so-called “comics” have done nothing but bore me for years. And without further adieu, the UK sends America this tasty morsel known as Bean - a character played by hideously ugly Rowan Atkinson, Bean is a combination of Jerry Lewis and His Kids all wrapped into one. The movie has Atkinson gracing the screen as a seemingly deficient member of society known as one Mr. Bean. Possessing the verbal skills of your average nine month old, the character manages to bumble through scene after predictable scene in his quest to do absolutely nothing. This is the essence of his entire shtick. Nothing more, nothing less... Bean uses every washed-up comedy routine made popular by such true comedy greats as Laurel and Hardy, Harpo Marx, and Charlie Chaplin well over half-a-century ago. And yet, millions of people on this planet find Atkinson insanely hilarious. Hitler? We could use your tactics again, guy... these people HAVE to be wiped off the face of the Earth.”
(Chris Bjuland, Bad Movie Night)
Actor, Rat Race (2001)
Why does the world hate us, Americans ask. If they can stand it, they'll find the answer in Rat Race. Eyeballs strain, faces contort, voices bellow, legs flail: I've never seen so much anatomy deputising for humour. Worst offender of all, I am not surprised to say, is Rowan Atkinson, who does the coarsest caricature possible of Roberto Benigni's twittering Italian stereotype, and does it in every scene save the ones in which his character, a narcoleptic, closes his eyes and goes to sleep. (At those moments, he's bearable).
(Alexander Walker, Evening Standard)
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