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An A to Z of the World's Deadliest Movie Reviews From Affleck
to Zeta Jones
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Kirk Douglas
Kirk Douglas would be the first man to tell you hes a difficult man. I would be the second.
(Burt Lancaster)
I suppose Kirk Douglas looks all right if your tastes happen to run to septuagenarians with blow-waves and funny stretch-marks round the ears.
(Lynn Barber)
Actor, Tough Guys (1986)
Kirk Douglas's performance has a self-conscious, noblesse-oblige quality about it; it's the sort of acting job you might imagine him giving in a slapped-together, tongue-in-cheek skit at the Friars Club. He does everything but wink into the camera and say, "Hey, I'm not this pathetic has-been, I'm Kirk Douglas, a big Hollywood wheel, still on the 'A' list after all these years. This is just a picture." Physically, he is in excellent shape, though his face looks a bit strange, as if he's had one too many face-lifts; come to think of it, he looks like somebody wearing a Kirk Douglas mask.
(Bruce Bawer, American Spectator)
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