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An A to Z of the World's Deadliest Movie Reviews From Affleck
to Zeta Jones
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Federico Fellini
Writer, Director, Satyricon (1969)
Barely satiric and a huge con.
(John Simon, National Review)
Writer, Director, Amarcord (1973)
Further evidence that Federico Fellini runs a lively risk of becoming the cinema's most eminent bore. I feel that a dotard (Fellini is a bit my junior) has clawed onto my elbow in
order to gabble a lot of unrelated local yarns to the accompanying cackle of malicious laugher.
(Robert Hatch, Nation)
Rather than stopping at “I Remember”, Fellini's title should have gone on: “I Remember. I Reuse, I Rereuse, Until I Don't Even Remember What It Is I Am Rereusing.” Everything in the film has either been done before by Fellini, in many cases more than once, or else it wasn't worth doing in the first place. Lacking the wit of a Swift or a Voltaire, the best Fellini can look forward to is equalling the dismal record of a Ken Russell. And to think that this once great artist is still only fifty-four, an age at which one hasn't even earned the right to the excuse of senility.
(John Simon, National Review)
Writer, Director, Casanova (1976)
It may well be the most ponderous specimen of imaginative vacuity ever devised.
(John Simon, National Review)
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