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An A to Z of the World's Deadliest Movie Reviews From Affleck
to Zeta Jones
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Albert Finney
Actor, Two for the Road (1966)
For Albert Finney, I can say nothing good. His acting ability is still rudimentary and his animal magnetism is still disfigured by boorish over-compensations. I think women’s only pleasure in watching him is the cruel one of thinking up ways to tie him in knots. I can't conceive of men liking to watch him.
(Flavia Wharton, Films in Review)
Actor, Washington Square (1997)
Stern father Albert Finney and fluttery aunt Maggie Smith ham it up fit to bust. They seem to be auditioning for a second-rate provincial pantomime and as a result Leigh's magnificent, deeply moving performance is thrown away on a handsome but tediously embalmed corpse.
(Alan Frank, Video Home Entertainment)
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