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Joan Fontaine
Actress, Jane Eyre (1944)
Not innocent of monotony, with its unrelieved Gothic settings and types. Even the heroine herself is conceived as an angelic, edgeless character, an Agnes Wickfield; Joan Fontaine who plays the part, affects the coiffure of Charlotte Bronte but in other respects might be giving a performance as Norma Shearer.
(Dilys Powell, Sunday Times)
A careful and tame production, a sadly vanilla-flavoured Joan Fontaine.
(James Agee, Nation)
Actress, From This Day Forward (1946)
Joan Fontaine as the wife has, for all her good intentions, about the understanding of her role that an heiress might have who was advised by her analyst to take up social work in order to work off her guilt about her income.
(James Agee, Nation)
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