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Anna Friel
Actress, Timeline (2003)
Anna Friel, who impersonates a mediaeval French princess with a vocabulary of only two words ("Allez!" and "Vite!"), and her real-life chap Thewlis are almost as excruciating. This is Thewlis's worst performance; and the only reason I don't say the same of Friel is that she once starred in a movie called Mad Cows, which was even more ghastly and made her recite bad puns by Kathy Lette. So splendidly wrongheaded is it that it actually expects a modern American audience to root for the French against the English. I suppose it might go down better in France, except there they'll be too busy laughing at Miss Friel's accent.
(Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
The most bizarre thing is poor Anna Friel, who has to play a French aristocrat callred Lady Claire. She has a French accent that, to put it mildly, needs a bit of work. When she shouts “Allez!” it sounds exactly like EastEnders’ Bianca shouting “Ricky”
(Peter Bradshaw, Guardian)
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