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Ava Gardner
Actress, 55 Days at Peking (1963)
As for Ava Gardner well, I must be careful. But let's say she wasn t the most disciplined or dedicated actress I ever worked with. A lot of the time she wasn't available for scenes. I think she was scared to death of her part. I can't really blame her. None of us should have made that piece of crap in the first place.
(Charlton Heston)
Actress, Earthquake (1974)
Ava Gardner makes her entrance in this movie under a rumpled wig, wearing a negligee that can't hope to disguise her overweight figure, and boozily roaring the very first line of dialogue, "Goddamn it!" as if she's ready to play Vera Charles in a bus-and-truck touring company of Mame. No such luck, however, for the onetime pinup girl has come further down than that, cast here as the neglected wife of cheating hubby Charlton Heston and also the daughter of magnate Lorne Greene. This must be the wildest mismatch of performers playing parent and child in film history. Greene is only seven years older than Gardner and he looks seven years younger.
(Edward Margulies & Stephen Rebello, Bad Movies We Love
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