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Estelle Getty
Actress, Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! (1992)
No buddy team on film has managed to misfire quite so badly as Getty and Stallone in this schmaltzy supposed comedy. If he shot her to shut her up, no jury on earth would convict.
(Simon Rose)
As a spunky Golden Girl or as Sly's mom, Getty displays grating ways that make comprehensible Norman Bates's compulsion to matricide in Psycho. Williams, on the other hand, is much too good for this screwball clunker: It's like renting an old Three Stooges comedy and finding Susan Hayward getting her nose twisted by Moe. Stallone, wearing diapers in a dream sequence in which his mom berates him, is as amusing as the next punch-drunk club fighter. Still, it's probably the only chance you'll ever get to see an oedipal buddy movie or - be still, my heart - Sly himself in nappies.
(Mark Goodman, People Weekly)
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