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Maria Giese
Writer, Director, When Saturday Comes (1996)
It is allegedly the life story of its British producer James Daly, one of the creative forces responsible for the Highlander movies, and his first of many mistakes was to choose his American wife (Maria Giese) to write and direct. It could hardly have been worse had it been scripted by Vinnie Jones, directed by Graham Taylor, then edited by Gazza after a hard night out with the lads.
(Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
It's difficult to know what to say. The blitheness with which the script avoids any subtleties of dramatisation where a cliché will do - I loved the parable of the blind pit pony - almost makes the film a complete hoot: one part Monty Python to two parts Roy of the Rovers.
(Tom Shone, Sunday Times)
It utilises more clichés than the average football commentator. The film combines an extraordinarily hackneyed portrait of northern life with a huge dose of Hollywood schmaltz to
unintentionally hilarious effect. It will have its fans, but so do Port Vale FC, and you know how bad they are.
(Neil Norman, Evening Standard)
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