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Lucille Ball
Actress, Mame (1974)
Among connoisseurs of unintentionally hilarious movies, Mame separates the men from the boys. It's SO terrible that it's not just funny, it's frighteningly funny. Watch it and wonder, "What were they thinking of?" Sunset Boulevard aficionados will quickly realize that this movie, rather than the Salome that Norma Desmond hoped would return her to glory, is the faded Hollywood star's vanity production nonpareil, and that Lucille Ball as Aunt Mame is a good deal scarier than Gloria Swanson as Desmond The difference, of course, is that Swanson was supposed to be scary. Ball, trying to look young enough for the role, employs every trick of the trade to tautly pull her wrinkles and lines into a mask-like visage of middle age. When she dons a plastic Santa Claus face for the song We Need a Little Christmas, the eerie effect of one mask over the other sends chills up the spine it stops the show, all right, but not the way Ball and company imagined.
(Edward Margulies & Stephen Rebello, Bad Movies We Love)
So terrible it isn't boring; you can get fixated staring at it and wondering what Lucille Ball though she was doing.
(Pauline Kael, New Yorker)
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