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An A to Z of the World's Deadliest Movie Reviews From Affleck
to Zeta Jones
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Melanie Griffith
Melanie Griffith is very sweet but dumb. The lights are on, but the dogs arenít barking.
(Joan Rivers)
Actress, Stormy Monday (1987)
Griffith hasn't missed many meals, sporting an unbecoming figure resembling latter-day Anita Ekberg.
Actress, A Stranger Among Us (1992)
Cast as a hard-bitten New York cop, Melanie Griffith looks and behaves more like a fluffy-headed manicurist. Her attempts to portray spiritual awakening are painful to behold; and the hallucination that she could pass without comment as an undercover agent inside New York's ultra-conservative Hassidic community, shows Hollywood film-making at its most bizarre.
(Chris Tookey, Sunday Telegraph)
Actress, Born Yesterday (1993)
As Griffith appears in one ludicrously low-cut outfit after another, it is hard not to keep thinking of her reconstructive surgery.
(Brian D. Johnson, Maclean's)
Actress, Two Much (1996)
Offscreen rapport notwithstanding, Banderas and Griffith display little chemistry. Her Betty Boop act has long since worn thin.
(Ralph Novak, People Weekly)
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