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Mark Herman
Writer, Director, Brassed Off (1996)
The script is clunky and the humour almost mortifyingly crass. And Stephen Tompkinson as beleaguered miner Phil gets to deliver one of the most ridiculous political rants in recent memory.
(Anthony Quinn, Mail on Sunday)
For a film about the right to work, it is a pretty lazy piece of screenwriting, and feels as if it were dashed off in a couple of hours. [It] is full to the brim with lazy effects, grabbing at a sentimentality it hasn't earned and a seriousness of tone for which it hasn't put in an inch of work. I'm hard put to name the worst of them, but the kid who asks “Mam, how do you die happy?” comes close, as does the miner who hangs himself from the colliery roof, dressed as a clown. Forget the scabs: someone should picket the pathos.
(Tom Shone, Sunday Times)
It has its heart in the right place, but nothing else is.
(Mark Lawson, Late Review, BBC2)
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