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Andy Hurst
Writer, director, You’re Dead (1999)
An astonishingly witless heist movie whose makers call it, with wild over-optimism, "Pulp Fiction meets Monty Python". A more truthful description would be "The Teletubbies perform Reservoir Dogs". How did John Hurt, Barbara Flynn, Claire Skinner and Rhys Ifans get involved with this dreck, apparently written and directed by a 12 year-old who saw the atrocious film of The Avengers, and decided to treat it as a role-model? Writer-director Andy Hurst is to be commended for his chutzpah in getting such an unfunny, ineptly constructed, vapid glorification of violence cast, made and distributed; but it is so painful to watch that many of the most hardened national critics were walking out of it in a state of shock, even before the first hour was up. Those of us who survived until the bitter end emerged either grim-faced or helpless with incredulous laughter.
(Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
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