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Glenda Jackson
Actress, Women in Love (1969)
Glenda Jackson gives the most interesting performance of the film, but is, alas, almost frighteningly plain. Her features are heavy and somehow malevolent in their irregularity; her body is like a block of uncarved stone except for her much-revealed breasts, shaped like collapsing gourds; and her thick arms and legs might as well be those of the West African fetish that figures so prominently in the novel but is cut from the film.
(John Simon, National Review)
Glenda Jackson has a face to launch a thousand dredgers.
(Jack de Manio, BBC Radio)
Actress, The Music Lovers (1970)
Her thunderous, full-frontal, carpet-clawing caricature is a calamity of mistiming.
(Mark Whitman)
One canít really blame Tchaikowsky for preferring boys. Anybody might become a homosexualist who had once seen Glenda Jackson naked. Since she has been kind enough to show it to us, I must remark that she has a most unusual configuration in her pubic hair. It seems to grow in a narrow tuft, like the hairstyle of the Last of the Mohicans. I wonder if Ms Jackson has any Red Indian blood. If so, it might explain why there are no more Mohicans.
(Auberon Waugh)
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