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An A to Z of the World's Deadliest Movie Reviews From Affleck
to Zeta Jones
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Jack Nicholson
Actor, Carnal Knowledge (1971)
Nicholson, who was marvelous in a character part in Easy Rider, is less than ideal for a leading man: his some what whiny, high-pitched voice lacks range, and he tries to compensate with rant; he has, moreover, a countrified, lower-class speech pattern that does not fit in here. He is also apt to overact.
(John Simon, National Review)
Actor, The Last Detail (1973)
One cannot get around the feeling that the basic pigment of all Nicholson performances is an impasto of smugness.
(John Simon, National Review)
Actor, The Shining (1980)
Jack Nicholson hams atrociously.
(John Simon, National Review)
In Making The Shining Jack Nicholson told of how Stanley Kubrick had pushed him into an acting style beyond naturalism. Clips of Jack in action proved that there is no acting style beyond naturalism except ham.
(Clive James, Observer)
Actor, Terms of Endearment (1983)
Nicholson's ex-astronaut is supposed to be a womanizing slob. I realize this. If only the actor didn't fit the role so completely. It's depressing seeing what an overweight, balding wreck Nicholson has become.
(Glenn Lovell, San Jose Mercury)
Actor, Batman (1989)
Jack Nicholson's performance has the unselfish, self-effacing quality of Sir Donald Wolfit upstaging a performance of Hamlet by riding a unicycle across the Niagara Falls in lurex hot pants.
(Chris Tookey, Sunday Telegraph)
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