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Jack Black
Actor, Envy (2004)
Jack Black is just Bill Murray without the talent and wit.
(Willie Waffle,
Actor, The Holiday (2006)
Black just does not work as a romantic lead: his face is hardwired for wacky comedy. When he smiles in what is clearly supposed to be a winning way, it just looks creepy, or as if he is having some sort of intestinal spasm.
(Peter Bradshaw, Guardian)
As Miles, Black is barely recognisable as the flatulent farceur from Tenacious D and Nacho Libre. Hes on his best, most restrained and respectful behaviour. When we first meet him, hes working on a movie score of such revolting sentimentality that you half-expect him to vomit over his own master-keyboard. It takes a major suspension of disbelief to imagine Black as someone this conventional, conservative and kindly. In short, and hes certainly not tall, Black fits the mould of sensitive-nice-guy-whos-always-being-two-timed-by-women the way a rhinoceros fits a dinner jacket. His only moment of Jack-style spontaneity comes when he serenades Iris in a DVD store with sung extracts from movie soundtracks, and even here hes not so much a wild and wacky guy, as mildly embarrassing to be seen with in company.
(Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
Actor, Margot at the Wedding (2007)
Jack Black, who is great as a sidekick, fails miserably here as a romantic lead. He needs a director who will control and use him, and instead he was working with a director who seemed more interested in making sure the quirks were quirky enough to monitor the ridiculous over-acting of Black.
(Jaq Greenspan,
Jack Black acts as though hes in a gross-out comedy: this is an ill-judged, shallow performance that by itself would be enough to ruin the movie.
(Chris Tookey, Daily Mail)
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