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  Almost An Angel (1990)
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A supposedly lovable criminal (Paul Hogan) returns to earth as a trainee angel, and helps a dying paraplegic (Elias Koteas) and his bespectacled sister (Linda Kozlowski) to keep open a day-care centre for the local latch-key kids.

An Australian-American turkey with the charm of a funnel-web spider, the pace of a catatonic Koala, and the wit of a dehydrated dingo. Hogan has only himself to blame, since he wrote and executive-produced it. John Cornell directs so unattractively that Miss Kozlowski looks no better even after she has removed her glasses. Proof that, though the Devil may have all the good tunes, God has some of the most nauseating movies.
(Chris Tookey, Sunday Telegraph)

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