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  At Long Last Love (1975)
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Bored millionaire (Burt Reynolds) falls in love with Broadway hoofer (Madeleine Kahn) and spoiled heiress (Cybill Shepherd).

May be the worst movie musical of this - or any - decade... Sitting through this movie is like having someone at a fancy Parisian restaurant who neither speaks nor reads French read out stentoriously the entire long menu in his best Arkansas accent, and occasionally interrupt himself to chortle at his cleverness.
(John Simon, National Review)
It just lies there and it dies there.
If this Peter Bogdanovich fiasco were any more of a dog, it would shed.
(John Barbour, Los Angeles)
The most perverse movie musical ever made ... a colossal, overextravagant in-joke.... Every time his stars open their mouths or shake their legs, they trample on Cole Porterís grave . . . when the leads break into song and dance at a night- club or a cotillion, the extras just stand there like goons, staring off into space; itís like watching a musical unfold within The Night of the Living Dead.
(Frank Rich, New Times)
This Cole Porter coloring book, mounted with great expense and no taste, is one of those grand catastrophes that make audiences wither hoot in derisive surprise or look away in embarrassment. In dancing [the stars] resemble a troop of hikers trying to extinguish a campfire. The sets and costumes are of such resplendent ugliness that they go beyond campiness.
(Jay Cocks, Time)
(John Simon, National Review)
It just lies there and it dies there.

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